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3 crucial aircon tips to save money | NinjaCool aircon service

It is very hot in Singapore. As a people who provide aircon service here at NinjaCool Aircon, we would know. Singapore’s weather is the type of heat that makes everyone pretty grumpy and miserable so we have to think how we can make it through the day without having to use our aircon 24/7. Because as much as we would like to keep it running all day and night, you and I both know that it comes at a very steep price.

So let me introduce you to these 5 lesser-known tips you can use to save money on aircon use without suffering too much from the heat.

1. Buy an aircon that is energy efficient | NinjaCool aircon service
I’m talking about an aircon with 5 ticks for its energy efficiency. This can save you hundreds or more a year compared to an aircon with just 4 ticks or less. And who doesn’t want to pay less for their electricity bill?

2. Put your aircon in the middle of the home/room | NinjaCool aircon service
A lot of younger Singaporeans are looking to design super aesthetic homes for their dream abode and that’s great. You want to tuck it far away at the front door entrance or hang it directly above a certain area that looks good, etc. Well, you might want to reconsider your aircon placements as it plays a much larger part than you might think!

  • Tip #1: Put the aircon away from the window where sun can shine on it. Also, do not put the aircon near the door. These scenarios cause hot and cold air to mix very often and might cause condensation to form faster, leading to leaking water.
  • Tip #2: Putting the aircon in an isolated location will just cause it to work harder for longer, which can mean greater energy costs. So put it in the middle of the home or room so cooling will occur more evenly.
  • Tip #3: Put the aircon in the middle of the home/room so that there will be minimal cold-spots or hot-spots.

3. Service your aircon every few months | NinjaCool aircon service
“Prevention is better than cure” is what many say, and I’m inclined to agree! Aircons are great for cooling a home from the humid Singapore heat. However, it’s also prone to problems caused by dirt, dust, bacteria and much more. These issues can range from small inconveniences to safety concerns that require immediate, expensive servicing so, by giving your aircon frequent maintenance checks, you can save yourself lots of time and money down the road.
A good rule of thumb is to service your aircon every 4-6 months. This is especially important if you turn on the aircon all day, if you live in a home full of activity, children, pets, etc. You could also perform aircon service on your own!

Frequent aircon service (DIY or paid) will increase your aircon’s overall efficiency and improve air quality. Call 6244 3233 now for best aircon servicing In Singapore

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