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Ninja Cool Services is an Air Conditioning Company based in Singapore. We have more than 10 years of experience in aircon servicing, aircon installation & aircon repair. We serve both residential and commercial clients and offer a variety of money saving solutions.

We are specialize in all kinds of air-conditioning system. Our technicians are well trained with skills and knowledge to service, maintenance, troubleshoot, repair and installation of all type of air-conditioning systems for residential and commercial buildings.


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    How often should you service your aircon | Aircon Servicing Singapore

    How often should you service your aircon? Well, you might think that servicing your aircon at least once or twice a year is enough. And that’s true to an extent! Aircon quality is being improved and manufacturers are finding ways to make the aircon more durable and quiet.
    However, it also depends on the brand and age of your aircon. In addition, the following ‘Singapore-related factors’ might further affect the amount of aircon servicing required.

    Special Circumstances in Singapore | Aircon Servicing Singapore
    1) Singapore is really really hot. Many Singaporeans keep their aircon running for really long times or even 24/7 because of the incredible heatwaves we get (or for those who own pets with thick winter coats), you should get your aircon serviced more often. A good estimation would be once every 3-4 months.Why? Because running your aircon for such long hours can actually decrease the lifespan of your aircon, allowing damages to occur more frequently. If something goes wrong, it will be very costly to keep replacing parts. So it’s best to get frequent maintenance servicing from a good aircon servicing Singapore company to keep overall costs down.

    2) Singapore’s homes are built very close to pollutionSingapore is a tiny island with limited space. The government builds everything close to each other so we have to put up with construction works, roads and buildings right next to our flats. This ease of access for transport means sacrificing a little bit of our aircon’s health. Dirt, grime, and smoke can accumulate in your aircon system and cause malfunction.

    How to service an air conditioner yourself?
    Having an aircon servicing Singapore company service your aircon is a must sometimes. The only problem is, sometimes Singaporeans are reluctant to spend the money or go through the hassle of setting up an appointment. And hey! We at Ninja Cool totally get you.

    Here are some simple steps on how you can service your aircon yourself.
    1) Cleaning the filter is one of the easiest ways to service an air conditioner. Open the lid and locate the aircon filters. If there is a ton of dust and dirt, use a vacuum, then take out the filters before running them through water. If it’s for routine cleaning and there’s not a lot of dust and dirt, you can just hose down the filters with water (mild soapy water is fine too). Some air-cons come with an auto-cleaning function, so use it if you have it!
    2) You can also buy new filters to replace your old filters. Check your aircon’s instruction manual to see the type of aircon filter you need!
    3) Clear debris and leaves outside your outdoor central air unit.

    Congratulations! You have successfully cleaned the aircon. Turn on the unit and observe if it’s cooling your space, if it’s quiet, and has no odour. If so, you did it!
    If not, do contact us at 6244 3233. We are the aircon servicing Singapore company you can trust so you can come to us for any aircon-related issue!

    Customer Reviews

    • 5 star review  I have been using Ninja Cool Services since May this year when my nephew recommended them as they did a good job at his house . Any issues with the Aircon servicing, Yuen will immediate attend to it and arrange for someone to come down . George has been coming to my place to do the servicing, very professional and efficient . Thank You 🙏🏻 Ninjas .

      thumb Asha RK

      5 star review  Good quality of service, friendly staff either technicians or admins for booking and following up the contract. Aircon units work perfectly well. Highly recommended!

      thumb Ewen Raulo
    • 5 star review  Value for money service. The service is good and provide warranty. My aircon had some problems 5months after service and they came down to check for me for free without any complain!

      thumb Vincent Koh

      5 star review  Professional and friendly group of technicians. They are also well trained in handling Fujitsu brand air con and troubleshoot the issues promptly.

      thumb Leonard Chia
    • 5 star review  I have been using this company to service the air-con of my home and also of our company. They have a very friendly, good quality and professional service. Thumbs up!

      thumb Albert Santiago

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