Is Your Aircon Not Cold?

Is Your Aircon Not Cold? | NinjaCool aircon service

Can you put your hand near the mouth of your aircon to check if there is air coming out? Is your remote working? If you have checked all the above and found no solutions, then we at NinjaCool can definitely help! That’s why we’ve created this blog that will answer the age-old question “Is your aircon not cold?”.

Air Filter
Is your aircon not cold? It could be because the aircon’s filter is covered with a thick layer of dirt and dust. The aircon filter’s main purpose is to help block particles from damaging the aircon unit. The filter can also get clogged from dirt buildup, which will cut off airflow. This is something you can fix DIY. Put your hand to the aircon’s mouth and if the air is weak, or if you have not cleaned your air filter for a few months, take off the aircon lid and wash the air filter with water or mild soapy water.

Condenser Coils
Is your aircon not cold? The condenser coil might be dirty or clogged. The condenser coil transfers heat to the aircon unit outside. This might require professional work so give us a call *here link* and we will come down to take a look.

The aircon compressor is usually that rectangular, rotating fan device you find outside your flat or a hawker. The compressor transports the refrigerant between the condenser coils and the evaporator, it’s what helps our air conditioners perform to their fullest potential.

Is your aircon not cold? Just take a look outside at your aircon compressor. Is the fan working? Is there any debris or tree branch obstructing it? If there is something wrong with your aircon compressor, give us a call at *link here*, just like your condenser, replacing or fixing a compressor is something only professionals should attempt. Let us do the back-breaking work for you!

Check If There’s Ice Build-Up In The Aircon
Is your aircon not cold? Ice build-up is another common issue that air conditioning units tend to encounter from time to time. A frozen aircon unit can dramatically reduce efficiency and cause your aircon to not feel cold. If your aircon is not cold, open the lid and check if you have ice on your air conditioner, shut the unit off for a day and allow it to defrost.

Large Home/Room
Is your aircon not cold? It could be because of your aircon unit’s size. It’s always important to match your aircon with the size of your home. An undersized aircon unit will not effectively cool your room while an oversized unit may cool your room way too much, costing you higher bills at the end of the month.

Choosing the right aircon unit can be confusing with the number of companies and aircon sizes available in the market. If you are unsure, don’t rush into making a rash decision! We at *company name* are here to help, email us or shoot us a call 6244 3233. This way, both you and your wallet will stay happy!














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