Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

aircon chemical washAircon Chemical Wash is the wash of the cooling fan-curl unit utilising aircon chemical specialist. When aircon typical overhauling is lacking to improve its condition or capacities. We at that point suggest washing your Aircon with chemical. Chemical wash includes eliminating the outside cover and utilising aircon chemical specialist to wash the evaporator curl. Be that as it may, for what reason is Aircon not cold After chemical wash?

What is Aircon chemical Wash?

The cycle of Aircon chemical wash incorporates the cleaning and checking of inner parts. Right off the bat, we eliminate the forced air system cover and destroy the framework. We at that point continue to wash the Aircon channel with water and chemical arrangements. Following which, we utilize high constrain fly to wash indoor evaporator loop, seepage plate, front board and cover. We at that point utilised Chemical-based cleaning answers for eliminate earth, oil and residue from the parts of the fan-coil. The chemical arrangements likewise contain fixings that execute and hinder further development of molds and unsafe microorganisms. We will likewise clear the waste skillet and seepage framework by means of vacuuming. What’s more, we keep an eye on different capacities. For example, fan bearing, oil, pressure pull and release pressure. We additionally fix electrical contacts if essential. When we wrap up cleaning all the segments , we fix back the whole framework.

What is the difference between chemical wash and chemical overhaul

Basically, the biggest difference is that. Chemical overhaul requires dismantling of the entire fan-coil unit. Even the motherboard will be removed from the evaporator coil. Where as chemical wash will merely wash the evaporator coil by removing the fan-coil cover. Maximum water pressure will also be used during chemical overhaul. Where as Furthermore, the back tray portion of an aircon unit can only be accessed by chemical overhaul.

Aircon Chemical Price List

aircon chemical washBTU                                                   Price Range
9,000 BTU / 12,000 BTU           $150
18,000 BTU                                     $180
24,000 BTU                                     $240

Scope of Work for Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Scope of Work:

  • Disconnect electrical contacts and refrigerant piping
  • Dismantle of fancoil unit from wall
  • Dismantle of cooling coil and fancoil parts
  • Chemical washing of cooling coil and washable parts
  • Reassemble and reinstall of fancoil unit
  • Connect electrical contact and refrigerant piping
  • Check control and thermostats
  • Test run system


  • Clear water leak problem
  • Increase cooling with saving on electrical consumption
  • Saving on total maintenance cost
  • Prolong the life span of equipment

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash? And How Important Is It?

Aircon chemical wash is a deep clean for your air-conditioner every time, and it cleans out the condenser coil and inner tanks of your aircon unit. While in there, check out the evaporator coil (it’s slightly behind the compressor).

Longer Air Conditioner Unit Lifespan:
Regular maintenance extends the life span of your AC unit by preventing wear and tear on its parts like fan blades and coils. -This can reduce energy costs while increasing indoor and outdoor comfort levels. Aircon chemical wash is a deep clean for your air- conditioner every time. Aircon chemical wash is a deep clean for your air-conditioner every time. Doing it regularly is essential because it will help extend your aircon unit’s life.However, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, you might only need to do it once or twice yearly. The chemical wash cleans the condenser coil and inner tanks of your aircon unit. The air conditioning’s condenser coil sits outside the house and is where heat is transferred from inside to outside. This metal coil looks like a radiator and can be easily found by following your house’s power venting system. The inner tanks of your aircon unit are where the refrigerant is stored, and moisture is removed from the air before reaching you. While you’re in there, check out the evaporator coil.

If you’re taking the time to clean your air conditioner, you should peek at the evaporator coil.

  • This part of the system is responsible for cooling and dehumidifying air before entering your home.
  • You can remove dust from this piece using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner attachment designed specifically for cleaning coils (look for one with loops on its head). Consider wearing rubber gloves while doing this because there’s typically some moisture associated with coils that could make skin contact uncomfortable or even painful if exposed too long.

Longer Air Conditioner Unit Lifespan
When you don’t wash your air conditioner unit regularly, it can result in severe issues and problems. The dust, dirt, and other impurities that accumulate on the surface of the unit tend to clog the entire system. This will lead to water leakage, which could damage other components and cause a foul smell from chemicals used in air conditioning systems. Aircon chemical wash is a cleaning solution that prevents corrosion and rusting of metal parts inside your AC system. If you are planning on purchasing an AC unit, make sure you get one with chemical wash included, so there is no need for extra purchases later when maintenance becomes necessary.

Energy Efficient
Aircon chemical wash is essential for your air conditioner because it means you’ll have a cleaner, more efficient AC system. If you don’t clean your air conditioner regularly, the build up of dust and dirt will block the airflow through your AC unit.
This can cause it to overheat, use more electricity and potentially break down.
If you have an older AC unit or a lot of dust in your area (such as in a city), cleaning it regularly should be part of your maintenance routine.
Regularly cleaning an aircon also means that it will last longer because there will be no build up on any parts inside it that could wear out over time or cause damage to other components such as fans or motors.
It may sound counterintuitive, but according to the experts at Ninja Cool Aircon Services Singapore, a well-maintained AC system uses less energy than one left uncleaned, so by keeping yours clean, you could save money on electricity bills!

Better Air Quality
Aircon chemical wash is essential to maintain your air conditioning unit because it reduces allergens, bacteria, and dust build up. This not only helps you to breathe better but also prevents health problems from occurring. Aircon chemical wash can reduce the amount of mold that grows in your AC system by cleaning the coils and keeping them free from debris. Mold growth can cause an increase in allergens and irritants in the home, making breathing difficult for those with asthma or allergies.

Removes Foul Smell
Aircon chemical wash removes the foul smell from air conditioners, both the old and new ones.
This is done to make sure that they operate efficiently. The foul smell can harm your health, so you must seek services from an expert to remove it to prevent any sicknesses or allergies.

Aircon Chemical Wash: Removes Foul Smell
It is not uncommon for people with allergies or asthma to develop symptoms whenever there’s a foul scent present in their environment. This includes outside and inside pollution, cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, and even animal odours. You may also experience coughing fits when you breathe in particles that contain mold spores after cleaning up pet messes on occasion.
While most of us don’t think much about these things since we live with them everyday–that doesn’t mean they aren’t harming us slowly but surely over time.

Prevents Water Leaking
Water in the evaporator coil can also cause mold and mildew. -This is because when water enters the system, it will eventually reach a point where it will begin to evaporate. Once this occurs, there are no longer any barriers between the air conditioner and the chemicals in the room. When they mix, they create a terrible smell that is difficult to eliminate. This chemical wash treatment helps prevent water from leaking into your air Conditioner’s inner tank by removing dirt and debris from its condenser coils. It also ensures that you’re getting fresh air out of your unit instead of moldy scents or foul odours that can be embarrassing for everyone who comes into contact with them.

Save More Money In The Long Term
Aircon chemical wash is one of the best ways to care for your air conditioner, and it saves you money in the long run and is easy to do. Here are a few methods you can save money through aircon chemical wash:
– Save money on electricity bills. When you follow an aircon chemical wash schedule, you’ll save energy by adequately cleaning your system. This means that there will be less dirt build up inside your unit, which means less strain when it comes to cooling down all that extra heat! All those broken parts won’t have to work as hard for their job either—they’ll last longer too.
– Save money on repairs and maintenance costs (like having them repaired). Dirt build up causes wear and tear on the inside components of AC units by making everything rub against each other with less lubrication than they should have been getting before this happened.
-This causes friction between these parts, which leads to them being worn out much more quickly than if they weren’t exposed as often or as much as they would’ve otherwise been without such heavy use from just being extra dirty in general–you know what I mean? You need to take care of your AC correctly, which means more than regular cleaning. You need to take care of your AC correctly, which means more than regular cleaning. You should also consider how often you should clean it, how much it will cost, the best way to clean your AC and how long it takes. You should clean your air conditioner at least once every two years if you have pets or small children. The cost of cleaning an air conditioning unit can be anywhere from $100-$300, depending on where you live and whether or not the filter needs replacing. If there are any problems with the cooling coils inside the unit, then this would also require some repair work before any chemical wash could be done safely and ensuring that no moisture gets into them while removing all dirt particles from around edges, etc. Where condensation may occur during operation, leading to mold growth later down the track if ignored for too long.


The point of this post is not to scare you about the dangers of an air-conditioner chemical wash. Instead, we want to show that keeping your unit running smoothly and efficiently is necessary. If you’re unsure whether you need one, talk with an expert who can help you make the right decision for your home.