Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

aircon chemical washAircon Chemical Wash is the wash of the cooling fan-curl unit utilising aircon chemical specialist. When aircon typical overhauling is lacking to improve its condition or capacities. We at that point suggest washing your Aircon with chemical. Chemical wash includes eliminating the outside cover and utilising aircon chemical specialist to wash the evaporator curl. Be that as it may, for what reason is Aircon not cold After chemical wash?

What is Aircon chemical Wash?

The cycle of Aircon chemical wash incorporates the cleaning and checking of inner parts. Right off the bat, we eliminate the forced air system cover and destroy the framework. We at that point continue to wash the Aircon channel with water and chemical arrangements. Following which, we utilize high constrain fly to wash indoor evaporator loop, seepage plate, front board and cover. We at that point utilised Chemical-based cleaning answers for eliminate earth, oil and residue from the parts of the fan-coil. The chemical arrangements likewise contain fixings that execute and hinder further development of molds and unsafe microorganisms. We will likewise clear the waste skillet and seepage framework by means of vacuuming. What’s more, we keep an eye on different capacities. For example, fan bearing, oil, pressure pull and release pressure. We additionally fix electrical contacts if essential. When we wrap up cleaning all the segments , we fix back the whole framework.

What is the difference between chemical wash and chemical overhaul

Basically, the biggest difference is that. Chemical overhaul requires dismantling of the entire fan-coil unit. Even the motherboard will be removed from the evaporator coil. Where as chemical wash will merely wash the evaporator coil by removing the fan-coil cover. Maximum water pressure will also be used during chemical overhaul. Where as Furthermore, the back tray portion of an aircon unit can only be accessed by chemical overhaul.

Aircon Chemical Price List

aircon chemical washBTU                                                   Price Range
9,000 BTU / 12,000 BTU           $150
18,000 BTU                                     $180
24,000 BTU                                     $240

Scope of Work for Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Scope of Work:

  • Disconnect electrical contacts and refrigerant piping
  • Dismantle of fancoil unit from wall
  • Dismantle of cooling coil and fancoil parts
  • Chemical washing of cooling coil and washable parts
  • Reassemble and reinstall of fancoil unit
  • Connect electrical contact and refrigerant piping
  • Check control and thermostats
  • Test run system


  • Clear water leak problem
  • Increase cooling with saving on electrical consumption
  • Saving on total maintenance cost
  • Prolong the life span of equipment